Task: Review the homepage for Evaluate its presentation and usability.

Methodology: Analyze key processes: navigation, layout, information relevance


1. The navigation - The navigation is divided across multiple places which creates a lot of confusion & information overload. 

2. Layout - There is an excellent balance of diverse media and text; however, the subsections within each main section scroll horizontally. This can be very frustrating when trying to navigate down the page. It also bombards users with information they may not be looking for

3. Information Relevance - It's hard to tell, because so much content is crammed on to one page. 

Conclusion - Despite the potential difficulty in searching for information, the variety of content displayed can help visitors discover new information. is being displayed as a discovery platform for
Howard University, meaning users go there to learn something they never knew; however, the purpose is geared to helping visitors have easy access to information.  


Recommendation - Howard University needs to decide if the homepage is meant for information retrieval or discovery. Adding both on page deceases the usability of the site. A separate platform such as would be a great alternative to share university achievements and cultural news, while leaving strictly as an information hub. 

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