#BeUnderstood Campaign Analysis

Task: Review a poster from the #BeUnderstood campaign. Evaluate its presentation. 


Methodology: Analyze the poster design in reference to the the text, logo, and layout


1. Text - The text is minimal with the image taking up the majority of the poster. The dark coloring of the person’s clothing allows the white text to stand out. Normally white text, especially on a light gray poster, would be illegible. The neutral colors of the poster creates a very no-nonsense vibe. 

2. Logo - The logo is purple and blue which is opposite of the very neutral, no-nonsense style of the poster. It makes the organization’s name stand out and memorable. If someone a viewer was skimming the poster, they may miss who the organization is. Having that colorful logo on the bottom helps to imprint the campaign and the
organization in the reader's mind.

3. Layout - The document is incredibly simple. The light gray background forces your eyes to the image first. The additional information is listed below, explaining what the contrast represents, followed by Understood pitching their organization’s services to the reader. 

Conclusion: The #BeUnderstood poster was simple in design, not overly wordy, and had an excellent selection of colors. However, purple is not the most color-blind friendly color. For an organization that supports individuals with disabilities, there could definitely be improvement there. The choice in font is easily read although the text could be larger, but that decision could have been made to keep the focus on the imagery. Overall, this poster is a nine on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s incredibly usable, so only 1 point is deducted for accessibility.

To read the full analysis click the pdf icon to download.